My dream of setting up a supper club serving Japanese comfort food was born in late 2011.

Having been fascinated with different foods since I can remember, it was my sister-in-law Aya's incredible karaage chicken that set my imagination wild. 

My first bite of that Japanese fried chicken gave way to the most deliciously-flavoured moist meat beneath and right then, I fell in love. 

I watched as Aya patiently taught me how to make it and after that I was unstoppable. For months my best friends and I would stuff our faces with karaage, wrestling over the last piece and feeling sad when it was all gone. 

But that wasn't enough. Why hadn't I ever heard of it before? Why wasn't it being celebrated in Britain, a chicken-loving nation that would surely go cuckoo for this rendition? 

A trip to Japan that same year compounded my love. I ordered it wherever I could. More than that, it opened my eyes to the so tasty, comforting, roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-stuck-in hearty side to Japanese cuisine that barely got a look in as the West fell in love with sushi and sashimi.

So returning home, I set about fixing this with somewhat evangelical vigour. 

I started planning our menu and then in February 2014 with my partner Kate and best friend Lauren, we put on our first event in our little home in Forest Hill, south east London.

We'll never forget our fear when the doorbell sounded with our first guests. Or how nervous we felt sending out those initial plates.

Our menu was, and remains, full of food we love to eat, but never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate such a positive reaction. Our karaage chicken with wasabi coleslaw was described by a guest as "absolutely mouthwatering", the pork gyoza "a joy" and our sesame balls with green tea ice cream dessert was "genuinely one of the best I've ever tasted".

Our events sold out quickly; we even had waiting lists. Reviewers said nice things, and as we cooked away in the kitchen we were buoyed by the sound of laughter coming from our living room between people who just an hour before were strangers.

Since then our repertoire has grown to include Ponzu Short Rib, Pumpkin Korroke Scotch Eggs and Buta No Kakuni Pork Belly. 

So what next? As we plan more supper clubs and pop ups, street food is yet another venture we're planning. 

Thank you to everyone who's joined us on our journey so far. And to everyone we're yet to meet, we look forward to feeding you.

Melissa, September 2015